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Our objective is to publish a dental journal of consistent high quality and help to increase the exposure of literature written by dental professionals at a global level.

Literature review, original research, clinical case reports, case series, short communication, randomized clinical trials, and book reviews are among our scope of published material, where the clinical aspect of dentistry is presented in a scientific way, starting each article with an abstract, backed up by references in accordance with the Vancouver citation style.

The journal encourages the submission of papers with a clinical approach, practical or management oriented, besides papers that bridge the gap between dental research and clinical application.

Received manuscripts are first revised by the editor to check if it is appropriate for publishing in Smile and that it complies with the author's guidelines. The manuscript is then forwarded to two or more professional reviewers. Anonymity of both the author and reviewer is preserved (double blinded peer­review process).

Our editorial policy which controls the quality of articles and assures their accuracy, clarity, and smooth readability through high level enthusiast regional and international team of experts is our golden key for success.

Bridging the gap between advanced up­to­date peer­reviewed dental literature and the dental practitioners enabling them to do their jobs better­ is our ultimate target. Besides, Smile provides readers with information regarding the available dental products, armamentarium, news and proceedings of dental symposia, workshops and conferences.

Smile Dental Journal makes every effort to report clinical information and manufacturers' product news accurately, but cannot assume responsibility for the validity of product claims or typographical errors.

Opinions or interpretations expressed by the authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect nor hold Smile team responsible for the validity of the content.

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