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One of our major concerns is the review process of the papers prior to their publication. Peer- review is a process of revision that insures accuracy, clarity, and smooth readability of these papers.

In Smile's editorial policy we adopt the double blinded peer review, where both the reviewer and author are kept anonymous.

Manuscripts are reviewed on a double­blind basis by two reviewers from the editorial review board of Smile and/or by external reviewers depending on the manuscript content and specialty.

Reviewers usually focus on the following points among others while reviewing:

  • Is the paper clinically oriented? And if it is a research paper does it bridge the gap between scientific research and clinical application?
  • What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the paper?
  • Do the data support the conclusion?
  • Is the title and abstract accurate and appropriate?
  • Does the paper have smooth readability?
  • What is your recommendation? Accept, modify or reject?

In the review report, sufficient and brief information will help the author to understand opinions expressed by the reviewer, these opinions and remarks, if expressed in a constructive way, will encourage the author to reevaluate positively the submitted paper.

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