Volume 15, Issue 2
Smile Message - Enrico Lai

11th International Congress Focusing on the Gender Shift in Dentistry is Officially Open

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Enrico Lai - BDS
Co-Founder of Aegee Cagliari 1995, Vice President until 2000, Su (Wien, Budapest, Prague, Nymegen) and 9 Su in Cagliari, Coordinator of President’s Meeting 1998, Coordinator of Planning Meeting 2002, 21 Agora and 9 Pm, Member of Task Force of Aegee 1998 - 99, Member MC 1998-99, President of MC 1999 - 2000, Vice Chair Aegee Europe elected in Utrecht 2000 until Ankara 2001, Honorary President of Aegee Cagliari from 2002, Speaker of Bobigosa 2003 - 2005, member of Les Anciens, Coordinator Les Anciens Meeting 2005 Cagliari - enrico.lai@aio.it

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After a much anticipated wait due to the global pandemic crisis, the website of the AIO Italian Dental Association’s 11th International Congress “FOCUS ON THE GENDER SHIFT IN DENTISTRY: A NEW PERSPECTIVE OR A FUTURE CHALLENGE?” is officially open


An ambitious project exploring one of the most important changes within the profession today: the gender shift in dentistry. In Europe, one in every two professors in dental schools are women and in many countries around the world, women now make up the majority of the total number of dental students. Women have also increased their presence in leadership roles earning recognition in the top ranks of dental organizations and associations. For first time in the 717 year history of the Italian university La Sapienza in Rome, a woman dentist, Antonella Polimeni, has taken on the role of chancellor. Women are making enormous strides both inside and outside of dentistry, impacting the profession as never before. An exceptional congress providing equal parity between male and female speakers, aimed at exploring if there actually exists a difference in perspectives, visions and challenges between men and women in dentistry as well as examining how the trend in gender shift could impact the future of the profession. The official language of the congress will be English

The preliminary program:

Thursday, June 10th

The Italian branch of the Digital Dentistry Society will hold a concurrent congress with many speakers (Francesco Mangano, Fabrizia Luongo and others)

Endodontics Session  (research and clinical) - Kim Syngcuk (University of Pennsylvania), the maltese Josette Camilleri ( University of Birmingham). Jennifer Gibbs (head of the Department of Endodontics at Harvard University USA) and Giovanni Olivi ( Genova) followed by the hands on of Filippo Cardinali and Denise Pontoriero ( Sie Speakers)

Hands-on Practical Workshops

Peri-implant Surgery - Marco Ronda (University of Bologna, Italy)

Restorative Dentistry: Color management and  Treatment of Diastemas - Jordi Manauta (Mexico, Italy) and Anna Salat (Spain, Italy)

Laser Certification Course - Walid Altayeb (Qatar)

Friday, June 11th

Laser Session with Nasim Chiniforush and others

Perio Protho Session - Ignazio Loi together with Mario Semenza (Italy), Martina Stefanini and Martina Bonaudo (Italy), Marco Ferrari (Italy) and Mariam Margvelashvili (Tufts University, Boston,Massachusetts)

Joint AIO-AIC (Italian Academy of Conservative Dentistry) Session - Stefano Patroni (Piacenza, Italy), Paolo Ferrari (Italy), Allegra Comba (Italy) and Gabriella Romano (Italy)

Pedodontic Session - Maurizio Bossù (Italy), Audrey Camilleri (Malta), Luca Giannetti (Italy) and Milena Cadenaro (Italy)

Dental Photography - Luis Hardan (Lebonon), Milos Miladinov (Serbian- Romanian) and Claudia Cotca  (USA)

Face Meeting with Renato Cocconi ( Italy) and Domingo Martin ( Spain)

Esthetics - Helena Chergava (Ukraine), Vincenzo Musella (Italy), Ines Barbosa (Portugal), Victor Guerrero (Peru), the couple Scolavino–Paolone (Italy), Irena Sailer (Switzerland) and Hande Sar Sancakli (Turkey)

Saturday, June 12th - Lectures/Keynote Lectures

Orthodontic Session - Cesare Luzi (Italy), Rafi Romano (Israel), Tali Chackaratchi (Israel) and Anna Mariniello (Italy)

Esthetics - Ana Paz and Raquel Zita (Portugal), con Sergio Spinato, Henriette Lerner (Germany, Past President DDS), Nazary Mykhaylyk (Ukraine), Marco Ronda (Italy), Eitan Mijiritsky (Israel) and Claudia Cotca (USA)

Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants

Courses for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants will be held in collaboration with Italian and European professional associations and organized in two easy to follow color coded paths.


Registration for the congress is at www.congressaio.it  Payment can be made by bank transfer, allowing confirmation of payment only when the pandemic is securely behind us. Hotel reservations at the Chia Laguna Resort, the official location of the congress, may be made at mice@hotelchialaguna.com with no need for a deposit.

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