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Volume 17, Issue 1
June, 2022
Smile Dental Journal - Volume 17, Issue 1
  • Smile Message - Ehab Heikal

    The future of the Dental Profession, Dental Chains

    This is not a call to despair, but a call to reflection, change and serious teamwork, away from individualism and isolated islands.

    If we take Egypt as an example, it now has more than 80,000 dentists, and students enrolled in universities that will join the labor market by the end of the coming six years, exceed 69,000 students.

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  • Implantology

    The Use of Locator® Attachments for Implant Retained Overdenture: About Two Clinical Cases

    Implant retained overdenture is a frequent therapeutic option recognized for its functional and psychological aesthetic rendering. It uses retention devices such as axial attachments or anchor bars. The Locator® axial attachment is one of the most used means due to its simplicity and multiple advantages. Thus this article proposes to describe it, and expose through a two clinical cases the process of its placement.

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  • Dental Management

    Degree of Clinical Leadership Behavior among Management at Jordanian Educational Hospitals

    Aims: The present study aimed to identify the degree of practice of Management at Jordanian educational hospitals about the behaviors of clinical leadership. The sample of the study consisted of (110) Leaders in Jordanian educational hospitals.

    Results: the Results showed that the clinical leadership Behavior was medium also the results of the multivariate analysis showed significant Related to variable gender and age on the clinical leadership behavior.

    Conclusion: Attach the leader’s staff in training program to be aware of the clinical leadership behavior and importance

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