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Volume 18, Issue 1
June, 2023
Smile Dental Journal - Volume 18, Issue 1
  • Prosthodontics

    Neutral Zone Technique for an Atrophic Mandibular Ridge

    Conventional mandibular complete denture for patient with severe ridge resorption is challenging. The dental implant therapy may be a fascinating option for improving retention and stability however the neutral zone approach is an important alternative when implant therapy is impossible.

    Hence, residual ridge resorption becomes a challenging scenario for a clinician during fabrication of complete dentures. The neutral zone concept plays a significant role in overcoming these challenges.

    The neutral zone philosophy is based on the concept that for each individual patient there exists within the denture space a specific area where the function of the musculature will not unseat the denture and at the same time, where the forces generated by the tongue are neutralized by the forces generated by the lips and cheeks. Furthermore, denture stability is as much or more influenced by tooth position and flange contour as by any other factors.
    The modified neutral zone technique enhanced the stability of the partial denture. A marked improvement in esthetics, function and psychology was noticed.

    Neutral zone technique, Prosthetic rehabilitation, stability, atrophic mandibular ridge.

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  • Maxillofacial

    Mesiodens: Diagnosis & Management

    The mesiodens is an extra tooth that is situated in the middle of the two central incisors. It is the most prevalent supernumerary teeth. Whereas genetic factors and dental lamina proliferation have been linked to mesiodens, its exact etiology is still unknown. Often, it causes cyst development, misaligned teeth, food entrapment, poor aesthetics, and other oral health problems. Therefore, to avoid these pathologic and orthodontic issues, early diagnosis and treatment are advised. This essay examines recent research on the causes, prevalence, diagnoses, and treatments of this concern.

    Mesiodens diagnosis, mesiodens removal, esthetic concerns of mesiodens, orthodontic treatment after mesiodens removal, supernumerary teeth in adults, surgical extraction.

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  • Restorative

    Endocrown Restorations: A Conservative Approach to Restore Extensively Damaged Endodontically Treated Teeth

    Rehabilitation of endodontically treated molar still remains a controversial issue. Over the years, the use of post-retained restorations has been questioned because of potential tooth weakening. Nowadays, endocrowns are considered as a reliable alternative technique to restore endodontically treated teeth with extensive coronal damage. This partial restoration requires specific preparation design and rigorous adhesion protocol.

    The present paper aimed to describe the preparation technique for endocrowns, indications, contraindications, and best material adapted for fabrication.

    This was illustrated through a clinical case to restore the first right mandibular molar by an endocrown fabricated from lithium disilicate-ceramic (IPS e-max CAD).

    Endocrown, monolithic restoration, endodontically treated teeth, cementation, ceramic.

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