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Volume 11, Issue 3
September, 2016
Smile Dental Journal - Volume 11, Issue 3
  • Editorial - Solange Sfeir

    B+ & Keep :) Be Positive & keep Smiling…

    Just collected some quotes related to dentistry and thought to share them with you. Be Positive & keep Smiling…

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  • Smile Message - Ehab Heikal

    AAA After Appointment Action

    A very typical frustration for many dentists is to have cancelled appointments. And I have discussed in another section of the book, that such cases should be punished in case of no show.

    However; the coercive action of punishment is a tool to minimize such incidents, so it is not the aim. Especially that, in some cases, you cannot punish the patient if the appointment is cancelled early enough.

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  • Endodontics

    Bio-Minimalism: Trends and Transitions in Endodontics

    Preservation of natural tooth structure during an endodontic procedure is paramount in order to ensure predictable clinical success. In the past, access cavity preparation, instrument design and taper as well as spatial accommodation for obturation techniques has inadvertently induced iatrogenic potential to the results achieved and over time, functional stresses have caused the tooth to fail both biologically and structurally. The winds of change in endodontics are negating these unfortunately sequelae as a result of bio-minimalistic considerations in access, metallurgical and engineering redesign of files systems and the introduction of new obturation materials.

    Bio-minimalism, Biologic success, Functional success, Bioceramics.

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  • Surgery

    Can Flap Design Affects Patient Morbidity Following Mandibular Third Molar Surgery?

    Purpose: Surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars is associated with various postoperative complications that influence the patients’ quality of life in the week following surgery. The purpose of this study is to review the effect of flap design on postoperative pain, swelling and trismus.
    Materials: The PubMed database was searched for the related. Only randomized prospective clinical trials, that measure part or all of the secondary outcomes, were included.
    Conclusions: Several different flap designs have been attempted to minimize these complications. Some of these designs may be advantageous in reducing postoperative pain and swelling. However, Flap design does not seem to have an effect on maximum mouth opening.

    Wisdom tooth surgery, Periapical surgery, Pain, Swelling.

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  • Two Minutes with Ken Serota

    Two Minutes with Ken Serota

    I loved going to the dentist from the time I was a child. My earliest memories are of Dr. Rife who was just the most fantastic person and I never thought of being anything else

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