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Volume 11, Issue 2
June, 2016
Smile Dental Journal - Volume 11, Issue 2
  • Editorial - Wolfgang Richter

    Postgraduate Study is More Accessible than Ever

    The truth is, there are merits for and against postgraduate education. Obviously it is a huge investment in time and money but it is also a sure-fire way to differentiate yourself and your practice.

    Postgraduate studies may not be for everyone. But if you’ve been in your job for a while, and now you really want pushing ahead and advancing your skills and responsibilities it might be an ideal way striving for new horizons in dentistry.

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  • Smile Message - Ehab Heikal

    Chief Executive Dentists

    What is the job description of a dentist? Obviously, a dentist is a provider of excellent care for patients. However, there is another job description that also applies to the dentist: that of chief executive officer (CEO).

    A CEO ultimately is responsible for the vision, direction and goals of a company. However, unlike CEOs in other fields, dentists are the principal producers in their business. They have the challenge of handling dental diagnosis and treatment on a daily basis while also acting as the CEO.

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  • Surgery

    Piezo Hydrodynamic Internal Sinus Lift - A Safe Step in Implant Surgery

    As more and more Dental implants are now placed in posterior maxilla by general dentist, and as the patients and implantologists demands became more and more towards less invasive, less complicated and easier surgical procedures. The more this demand raised towards innovating new technologies development with new surgical techniques that fulfill those demands.

    Background and Aim: Sinus lifting via crestal approach by Summer’s technique (internal sinus lift) is a common and a non invasive procedure in implantology practice compared to sinus lift via external approach. However, patient discomfort, shocking feeling, positional Vertigo, membrane tearing, difficulty in graft packing, and the unsafe use of hammer and osteotomes are disadvantages and drawbacks of this technique.

    Materials & Methods: Piezo surgery opened a new era in implantology surgery practice as a safe and easy to use technology by means of respecting and protecting the soft tissues. Special modifications and improvement had been made on Dental piezo technology instrumentation with all its advantages to make it applicable on internal sinus lifting surgery.

    74 Seventy four documented sinus lifts cases done utilizing piezo hydrodynamic internal sinus technique via crestal approach in my private practice, using piezo Intralift kit by (Acteon – Sattelec) with 18 months follow up. All cases were grafted using BTCP (RTR – Septodont), 124 implants inserted in grafted sinuses using Xive implants (Dentsply). 61 cases with immediate implantation (96 implants), 13 cases with late implantation (28 implants), none of the cases had immediate loading or immediate temporization.

    Piezo, Internal sinus lift.

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  • Esthetics

    Lip Depigmentation (Pinkification) Using 810nm Diode Laser - Kassem’s Protocol - Initial Case Report

    Oral depigmentation is considered a complementary part in aesthetic dentistry , gingival depigmentation is well known by a lot of practitioner especially whom deal with dark skin patient.

    Lip depigmenation or pinkification is considered a novel approach which desired by many patient to get an atractive smile.

    We present a first case in English literature using diode 808nm with details parameter to ensure patient safety and avoid any further complications.

    Lip depigmentation, Diode laser, Lip pinkification, Lip hyperpigmentation laser treatment.

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  • Two Minutes with Sonia Ghoul-Mazgar

    Two Minutes with Sonia Ghoul-Mazgar; Founding President of the Tunisian Association for Dental Research (TADR)

    At the beginning, it was for the wonderful world of care, surgery and biomaterials. I was also happy to be able to treat patients, to help and to feel useful. When I realized that in some cases there were limits and that there were not always ideal solutions to propose, I converted to the limitless world of research in dentistry

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