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Volume 11, Issue 1
March, 2016
Smile Dental Journal - Volume 11, Issue 1
  • Editorial - Aref Alaabed

    Professional Dental Practice Management

    From a business perspective dental centres are one of the businesses that need high capital and offer little in return. In this regard, being able to develop a business model that increases revenues are one of the ways dental practice can benefit from and be guaranteed of growth.

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  • Smile Message Abbas R. Zaher

    Don’t Do It Yourself

    It is absolutely exciting to be alive in the world of today. We are more inter-connected with each other more than ever. Information is available at your figure tips and anything you want to have is just a click away. Dentistry is seeing some very exciting times nowadays as well. Dentists can plan treatments digitally, custom make treatments digitally and surely share results again digitally.

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  • Radiology

    Post Orthodontic Idiopathic Bone Cavity - Case Report

    The Idiopathic bone cavity (IBC) is a nonepithelial lined cavity of the jaws. The lesion is mainly diagnosed in young patients most frequently during the second and third decade of life. It is seldom detected on buccal examination due to their lower inability to cause clinical symptoms. The majority of the traumatic cyst is located between the mandibular canine and the third molar but other locations are not totally excluded. The diagnosis is generally done on routine radiological examination as a unilocular radiolucent area with a “scalloping effect”. We report to you a case of an anterior Idiopathic Bone Cyst detected on Cone beam eleven years after an orthodontic treatment.

    Idiopathic bone cavity, Orthodontic treatment, Buccal bone expansion, Cone beam ct imaging.

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  • Restorative

    Socket Shield Technique with and without Implant Placement to Maintain Pink Aesthetics - Case Report

    Keeping the tune and the shape of the hard and soft tissues after tooth/teeth extraction happens to be an issue of a great concern in aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

    Socket preservation was adopted by many clinicians to try to prevent the volumetric changes of the hard and soft tissues, the thing that would lead to a satisfying aesthetic outcome after restoration.

    Many socket preservation techniques were used starting from atraumatic extraction ending with bone augmentation to keep the bone from being subjected to remodeling, but still keeping the tooth in the socket and maintaining the system of periodontium seems to be the golden standard that would never be superimposed.

    Root submergence then Socket techniques were suggested to keep the system of periodontium undisrupted the thing that would keep the shape of the gum unchanged giving the optimal aesthetic results.

    In this case presentation the socket shield and a technique modified from the root submergence were used trying to get the desired emergence profile.

    Partial extraction, Buccal fragment, Socket shield, Modified socket shield.

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  • Dental Management

    Management in the Dental Office - Stickiness – Skills Retention & Synthesis

    A persisting problem you have in your practice is that you train your staff and after a while, you find that they forget what they were taught. You wish you would glue the information in their minds.

    How do we get training to stick? It’s the million dollar question. Experts have long ago agreed that the interminable hours long dissertations and lectures are as ineffective as they are tedious. And with today’s training culture so focused on measurability, the question of skills retention and synthesis, or “stickiness”, is more relevant than ever.

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  • Two Minutes with Ziad Al-Ani

    Two Minutes with Ziad Al-Ani

    I didn’t choose my dentistry, my dentistry chose me!

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