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Hydrorise Implant by Zhermack

January 30, 2020

Hydrorise Implant is a high rigidity addition silicone for impression taking in implantology. It achieves the best performance in edentulous arches thank to its ideal processing time, that allows the user to work calmly. Characterised by a high final hardness, it allows to obtain an accurate impression that detects the 3D position of the implant with precision before transferring it to the laboratory.


  • Mixing ratio 1:1 (Hydrorise Implant Light Body 50 ml)
  • Mixing ratio 5:1 (Hydrorise Implant Medium Body 380 ml, Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body 380 ml)
  • High final hardness
  • Hydrocompatibility
  • Thixotropy
  • High consistency
  • Radiopacity
  • Biocompatibility
  • Scannability without using matting sprays
  • Colours: Pink - Hydrorise Implant Light Body; Blue - Hydrorise Implant Medium Body; Violet - Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body
    Mint scented


  • High rigidity and accuracy of the impression in transferring the 3D position of the implant (Heavy and Medium Body)
  • Optimal detail reproducibility of soft tissues around the transfer (Light Body)
  • Ideal Snap-Set for complex multi-unit implant cases:
    - Long working time
    - Shorter permanence in the oral cavity
  • High dimensional stability, typical of A-Silicones
  • High thixotropy: the material does not flow in the mouth of the patient
  • Disinfectability
  • Biocompatibility to reduce possible tissue reactions and post-operation infection risk
  • Immediate impression readability by the dentist thanks to easily readable colours
    Ease of use (mixing and dosing) thanks to the self-mixing cartridges
  • Compatibility with the main 5:1 automatic mixers on the market
  • Easy development and removal of the model from the impression by the dental technician
  • 3 years shelf-life

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