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Hydrorise Implant, the high-rigidity addition silicone by Zhermack ideal for impression taking in implantology

January 31, 2020

The success of a prosthetic restoration supported by implants is obtained by combining know-how, technique and high-quality materials. In the different operative phases, impression taking plays a key role in order to obtain an accurate impression on the first try.

Hydrorise Implant has been conceived as an extension of the Hydrorise line, already known in the market thanks to its excellent performance. Made with high-quality raw materials, it represents a step forward in the world of implant impressions to satisfy the growing needs of dental professionals.

As an addition silicone, Hydrorise Implant is accurate: rigid in order to transfer the implant position correctly, precise and hydrocompatibile, dimensionally stable until two weeks and with a high elastic recovery that makes it resistant to distortions caused by impression removal.

Hydrorise Implant was conceived to be safe, both for the patient and the professional: biocompatible, radiopaque so eventual residues left under the gum are easily identified with a simple X-ray to reduce the risk of infection, stable even after disinfection.

Another important characteristic is the comfort for the professional and the patient: thanks to an optimal working time it minimizes the stress for the professional during impression taking, even in the most complex clinical cases. Moreover, the short intraoral time and the mint scent reduce the discomfort of the patient during impression taking.

To complete the picture the product is scannable without using matting sprays and it can be used with the main types of impression trays - standard or individual - without puring.

Hydrorise Implant is available in automatic mixing cartridges in three viscosities (Heavy, Light e Medium Body) that allow the professional to use it with the monophase technique (Medium Body) or simoultaneous, two viscosities technique (Heavy e Light Body) both for the “open tray” and the “closed tray” procedure.

Hydrorise Implant is the Zhermack solution that helps restore functionality and offer a harmonious smile.

Hydrorise Implant. Simply accurate.

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