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ESTHETICS, ENDODONTICS, FUNCTIONAL TMJ THERAPY & IMPLANTS: These are some of the Hands-On Courses that await you in CHIA 2019

March 01, 2019

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Hands on courses in esthetics, endodontics, implanvology and tongue reeducation in TMJ therapy will be held by top international dentists, each one an expert their field with an eye pointed towards the future. This and more await you in Chia during the 10th International Congress held by the Italian Dental Association, AIO.

Courses will begin on Thursday, June 13th, starting with Giovanni Zucchelli from the University of Bologna presenting “Treatment of Soft Tissues Surrounding the Natural Dentition”. The all day course, held from 9 to 7pm, will be limited to 40 participants. The cost? 400 euro if combined with the congress, 500 euro if taken alone. Zucchelli explains “The main reason for performing gingival repositioning plastic surgical procedures stems from a specific request from the patient wishing to cover an unesthetic exposed root surface thats visible when they eat or smile.

Following the surgical treatment even a remaining root exposure of a few millimeters can be a problem but with new knowledge in the soft tissue management this can be resolved and the root covered using a small amount of connective tissue). The course will provide step by step surgical procedures for root coverage, the harvesting of connective tissue grafts as well as suturing techniques. Participants will practice flap design in areas of single and multiple recession, split thickness flap design surrounding the papilla, the necessary flap thickness needed in a coronal repositioning flap, connective tissue harvesting, the use of connective tissue substitutes, free gingival grafts to increase the amount perimplant keratinized tissue and simultaneous implant/graft placement.

In the afternoon on Thursday from 2 PM to 7 PM, Alessandro Rampello from the University of Rome will hold a course in the treatment of TMJ disorders for a maximum of 40 participants. The cost is 50 euro if combined with the congress and 150 euro if taken alone. The course will describe how problems of the TMJ can be treated using new therapeutic strategies including a therapy that actively reeducates the tongue using an innovative occlusal appliance called the Ri.P.A.Ra. Rampello states “It’s not just a bite that’s inserted between the teeth but a functionally active reeducator of the cranial-cervical-mandibular components that actively stimulates dynamic patient behavioral changes leading to a neuro-muscular reeducation with a positive effect on TMJ and facial pain.” The objective of the course is to provide participants with the needed knowledge and tools for the complete myo-functional reeducation of the patient.

Also on Thursday afternoon from 2 PM to 7 PM Alfonso Coscaella from Grosseto in Tuscany will hold a course in the prevention and treatment of biologic complications in implantology (50 euro if combined with the congress and 150 euro if taken alone). The theoretical part of the course will cover magnifying systems, microsurgical instruments, the Air Flow and the Er YAG laser that perfectly decontaminates the implant surface allowing for more effective preventive and regenerative procedures to be performed. During the hands-on portion the use of a new generation Air Flow will be demonstrated as will as the use of the Er YAG laser in treating early stage perimplantitis.

On Friday the 14th two all day courses will be held. From 9 AM to 7 PM Nick Grande who has private practices in Rome and Chiaravalle, Italy, Gianluca Plotino from the European Society of Endodontology and Eugenio Pedullà from Catania, Italy will hold a theoretical and hands on course for a maximum of 40 participants at a cost of 200 euro if combined with the congress and 300 euro if taken alone. the morning session will view parameters used in treatment planning as well as possible complications. In the afternoon two types of canal preparations will be covered with their relative protocols based on differing clinical situations. The participants, divided into two groups, will then practice both types of preparations from start to finish on extracted teeth with already opened access cavities.

Still on Friday a half day course (from 9 AM to 1 PM) will be held by the brothers Andrea and Alessandro Agnini from Modena, Italy who will discuss Surgical Veneer Grafting (SVG): a surgical prosthetic approach for the management of immediate implants in areas of high esthetic impact. (50 euro if combined with the congress and 150 euro if taken alone). The workshop will explore all of the parameters necessary to correctly diagnosis the post extraction alveolar and select the appropriate treatment modality. During the hands on portion of the workshop the SVG technique will be illustrated that contemporarily combines bone and connective tissue grafts with immediate loading implant placement. Criteria necessary for a minimally invasive protocol and the indications for use of bone graft to fill the “gap” and the use a connective tissue graft will also be discussed.

Registration: Go to the congress website at The earlier you register the more you save! All Symposiums and Lectures will be held in or simultaneously translated into English/Russian and are ADA CERP Certified for Continuing Education credits.

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