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February 01, 2019

Zhermack range for disinfection and sterilization satisfies all the health and hygiene needs of the dental practice.

The complete range for disinfection with a wide spectrum and rapid action offers a wide variety of specific products for every purpose. Each product is compliant with the latest European norms regarding bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal and sporicidal actions. They have been tested against interfering substances and are now validated with designation “EN” followed by five digits, in order to differentiate them from the four digits of the previous norms that do not satisfy this requirement.

The blue line, for surgical and rotating instruments is aldehydes free, and is composed by: Zeta 1 Ultra for dental instruments, Zeta 2 Sporex for cold chemical sterilization and Zeta 2 Enzyme for enzymatic cleaning and high level disinfection before the instruments sterilization treatment.

The green line is formulated for surfaces, medical devices and tools disinfection such as dental lamps and maniples. For this purpose, Zeta 3 is available in Spray, comprehending the Soft version for delicate surfaces and the Foam version, special for the dental unit leather cover. The range is completed by Zeta 3 Wipes and Zeta 4 Wash. Each one has a delicate and pleasant fragrance.

The orange line is dedicated to aspiration circuits and impressions. Zeta 5 is a non-foaming concentrated disinfectant and cleaner for aspiration circuits. Zeta 7, Solution or Spray, is an impression disinfectant that do not alter dimensional stability and compatibility with gypsums, and reduces the superficial tension during the pouring phase.

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